Gregg shorthand is the kind of writing system in which it was mad easy by John Robert Gregg to make business work faster and accurate. Simple alphabet was used and it does not take much time to practice, but you should master it to familiarize everything without difficulty doing such system. Less effort is needed to practice and learn the procedure in writing. Many people today works in any offices and loaded activities are to be finished. Such that when urgent meeting is scheduled and lots of note takings are to be done Gregg shorthand can be of great help.

As an office worker or a staff of any business you are now ready to take down notes and the transcriptions of your boss in an easy way out without any problems. For students who are in to high school and college this would be very useful and every important detail discuss will be remembered and retained into our minds. Missing a thing in class will not be possible for everything will be written down. Each of us has the ability to write and it is a given talent for us to develop and share. In our daily task and activities we can apply Gregg shorthand and it brings an essential benefit in us.

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Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified
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A shortand outline for almost every word in the English language.

The GREGG Shorthand Dictionary Simplified is divided into two parts: Part I contains 26,098 words most commonly used in notation with their official shorthand outlines. Also included are words that are frequently used in such fields as medicine, law, engineering, chemistry, and many others. These words represent a large range of vocabulary, omitting derivites that are not needed in shorthand. Part II contains 2,604 proper names and geographic expressions including a list of 72 commonly used abbreviations. This valuable reference should be part of the library of every shorthand writer.

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Gregg Shorthand Dictionary Simplified

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