Handwriting speed plays an important role in academic success since it’s directly related to the ability to express knowledge about different subjects.

Writing researchers tell us that slow handwriting can lead to loss of motivation and evasion of school work. It can affect everything from completing written assignments to taking notes during lectures. For students with difficulties associated with writing, the true assessment of their subject knowledge may be masked by their inability to express themselves adequately on paper in a set time.

EasyScript is based on abbreviations and can improve handwriting legibility, style and motivation to write. Writing fewer characters for each word leaves more time to concentrate on legibility and handwriting style. In turn, more legible writing leads to less frustration when reading and more time to study.

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EasyScript Express: Learn To Take Fast Notes
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If you are looking for the least expensive way to master a speed writing method, EasyScript Express is the answer. You will learn a complete speedwriting system to abbreviate ANY word. The manual is used as a workbook. It contains writing exercises to reinforce the rules. It has sections for building proficiency, adapting to your own application and a dictionary of abbreviations for most frequently used words.

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