There exist a few forms of shorthand, the two popular ones are Pitman and Teeline. The former is notable for requiring different stroke pressure (hard/soft) and has ‘decoration’ around the outlines whereas teeline shorthand appears far more flowing and economical.

If you’d like to see some Teeline outlines check out these from an online course of practice audio files by UK’s Goldsmiths University.

Fast teeliners hit speeds of 150wpm. That’s about two thirds the average speed people read, and about twice as fast as most people can type. So, seriously fast. Based on standard recommendation of 30mins/day, most individuals can reach 70wpm writing speed with a couple of months practice .

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This course book is designed for short courses of all kinds either in the classroom or for self-study. It contains sufficient theory to lay the foundation for higher speeds for students who chose to progress.