teeline shorthand is suitable for the self-learner as well as for class use. It covers the requirements of all shorthand courses: Teeline is accepted by most of the relevant examining bodies. It is also the system taught at the BBC secretarial training school and is accepted by the National Council for the Training of Journalists. The construction of Teeline is such that it is readily adaptable to foreign languages and it is therefore ideal for those who intend to become bilingual secretaries.

Teeline Gold is the leading course book for those interested in learning Teeline shorthand.

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The Teeline Gold: Course Book
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* Each theory point is immediately backed up with exercise practice to consolidate learning. * All the exercises are presented in Teeline for all-important reading practice. * The reading and dictation passages prepare students for exam work. * Special outlines, distinguishing outlines and word groupings are highlighted so that they can be accessed quickly.

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